For the first time post-$870-million acquisition, NetApp SolidFire has returned to Barcelona for VMworld 2016 Europe. You can expect SolidFire to have as pronounced of a presence as we did in VMworld 2016 US (recap here) at Booth #D307 and all around the venue and events.



VMware is at a crossroads with the announcement of Cross-Cloud Services and the Cloud Foundation including SDDC Manager. VMware is attempting to emerge as a player in all kinds of clouds, not just the one powered by them. An announcement with AWS is looming — the boldest news one could expect from VMworld.

NetApp SolidFire is no slouch when it comes to bold moves. VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) has been in development for years for a good reason; the right development design takes time.  SolidFire is releasing the most complete (and enterprise-capable) VVols yet. Early requests from IT organizations around the world are asking for it to change the consumption and automation of storage they’ve had to work around to achieve agility demands.

Zero-touch, invisible storage aka “storage for VM people that hate storage”


A theme emerging within EMEA is a desire for VM admins to take over. SolidFire will showcase and have sessions that walk through the details in making all-flash, scale-out storage invisible and zero-touch. It will truly become the day the storage admins die.

You can expect to see demos and talk directly to some of the experts like Andy Banta, Jeramiah Dooley, Gabe Chapman, Amy Lewis, Josh Atwell, and others.

SolidFire will showcase a new venture between VMware end-user computing and NetApp SolidFire. You will see demos from the site and a vBrownBag session outlining how to launch your VDI, DaaS, and EUC project.

The VM admin add-on for your FlexPod

NetApp’s long history with converged infrastructure with VMware gets a new option: the VM admin add-on to FlexPod. At the NetApp booth, come find a SolidFire or FlexPod specialist to talk you through how to add all-flash, scale-out storage with zero-touch for VM admins.

vExpert CaH

The sequel to last year’s viral hit for vExperts is here: the SolidFire Cards Against Humanity expansion pack. This is the pack you seek. The reviews from VMworld 2016 US were that this pack is actually better than the original. Find them at the booth.

Top 7½ calls to action at VMworld Barcelona

Come to Barcelona and seek SolidFire out for any one of the following options. Future-proof your storage and data management.

  1. Request a briefing (executive or technical) at the booth.

  2. Seek out demos like VVolsDoneRight,, SolidFire and Docker volume plug-in (nDVP), and more.

  3. If you’re a service provider (or an enterprise seeking to deliver IaaS like one), talk to us about the Fueled by SolidFire program.

  4. Participate in a PopUpTechTalks in the booth with Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja).

  5. Find Pete Flecha (@vPedroArrow) or Rawlinson Rivera (@punchingclouds) from VMware and ask them what they like about SolidFire VVols.

  6. Attend one of our SolidFire VMworld sessions.

  7. Follow us on Twitter (@SolidFire) for full event coverage, and make sure to tag us in your photos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

     7.5 Find Josh Atwell (@josh_atwell), and ask about ThePub and DevOps (


See you in Barcelona!




Keith Norbie

As a Sr. Manager of Business and Alliances Development for NetApp Next Generation Data Center (NGDC) BU, Keith works with NetApp Alliances to drive NGDC’s key objectives. Keith works on incubation of and alignment to strategic technology partnerships to deliver compelling solutions brought to market through direct, indirect and service provider sales channels. Keith has successfully lead and been part of launching NetApp HCI, FlexPod SF, and ongoing advanced projects to advance SolidFire via VMware Private Cloud, EUC, OpenStack, Docker/Containers, Service Provider, and DevOps.

Keith was part of SolidFire pre-acquisition helping establish Alliances and Business Development success. He also is a long time VMware vExpert and has spent the past 20 plus years in Solution Provider (VAR) channels most recently helping grow TIG in 1 year in both revenue but also development in major accounts, reps, solution architects, and multi-practice portfolio. He started out building practices in storage, networking, virtualization, and cloud. During that time he also specialized in demand gen by creating mobile vPods, VDI showcase, events like VDI Kung Fu, Cloud Skydiving, the MonsterVM shirts, the Flash Storage Forum, and the SDDC Rocks theme.