Later this month, Tiscali will be on stage with NetApp at Insight Berlin to discuss how teaming with NetApp helped this Italian telecommunications leader provide customers with a secure path to the hybrid cloud. Insight is NetApp’s annual technical conference for storage and data management professionals.


When Italy deregulated its telecom industry, the market exploded with service providers fighting to be the company of choice.


By 2005, this market volatility caused Tiscali, Italy’s only independent telecommunications provider, to reevaluate its strategy of providing consumer utilities in 14 European countries. The company decided to reprioritize innovation, focus on its Italian customer base, and break into the business-to-business (B2B) market with enterprise cloud services.


Tiscali recognized the need to differentiate itself by being faster than its competitors in bringing innovative cloud services to market.  Not only was speed a requirement, Tiscali also needed to meet their customers’ needs for security, availability and reliability while protecting their key asset: data.


Through a data fabric enabled by NetApp, Tiscali gained the availability, efficiency, and scalability needed to effectively break into the B2B market for cloud services. Now Tiscali is a destination cloud service provider for Italian businesses of all sizes.


Tiscali and its customers have the ability to move between public and private cloud services and seamlessly manage data across whatever IT resource they choose. Tiscali can offer secure shared cloud resources, easily expand its offerings, and make it easier to onboard customers. This approach speeds innovation and enables better business decisions. The business doesn’t have to wait on the technology.


With NetApp, Tiscali has been able to:

  • Offer zero-downtime service-level agreements
  • Support 30% annual data growth while cutting the IT budget by 50%
  • Save 60% on power and cooling
  • Reclaim 50% of data center floor space
  • Win the business of the Italian government and of a large Italian bank

Key to achieving these results was an upgrade to Tiscali’s infrastructure. Together with NetApp Professional Services, Tiscali transitioned to the NetApp® clustered Data ONTAP® operating system, which provided the foundation for its data fabric.


Moving to clustered Data ONTAP was a strategic change for us,” said Salvatore Pulvirenti, Tiscali’s chief information officer. “The ability to eliminate downtime and optimize data center space has been critical to our success as a public cloud provider.  NetApp has been with us all along the way to address any challenges, and we are very happy with where we are today.”


Tiscali and NetApp believe the future of hybrid cloud is one in which choice and control are paramount. The ability to provide customers with choice and control through a data fabric is a critical element of Tiscali’s ongoing cloud strategy and market differentiation.


The world is going to cloud-to hybrid infrastructure. We need to manage data of any flavor. Integration between on-premise solutions and the cloud using a data fabric will be critical for success,” said Antonio Pittalis, Tiscali’s IT infrastructure manager.

NetApp Staff