Today we have announced the cloud integrated storage solution NetApp® AltaVault® (formerly SteelStore). The advantages of the solution have been already explained in this blog section from my colleague Laurence James:


Well, what’s new, besides the new name?

– Until today, AltaVault was available in 2 deployment options: As a physical appliance and a virtual cloud appliance at AWS New to the list are 2 virtual appliances for VMware and Hyper-V and support for Microsoft Azure as a cloud appliance. For the virtual appliances there are free 90 days trial licenses available. Give AltaVault a try!


– The physical appliance is now based on NetApp hardware, concretely on the 8080EX. By switching to the NetApp flagship product the scalability has increased enormously:

o we doubled the performance

o you can start with only 8TB and scale up to 57PB capacity. With the “old” SteelStore 3030 the limit was 4.8PB


– In addition to that, the proven NetApp AutoSupport (ASUP) functionality has been built into the product


With twice the performance, more than 10 times the capacity, VM’s for VMware and Hyper-V and support for Azure, the product is ideally suited for medium-sized and large enterprises.

Now the backup to tape is probably permanently mothballed.


Here you can find more information about AltaVault:


From the Product, Solutions and Alliances Marketing EMEA team