Tech ONTAP Podcast Episode 78: NetApp Certifications NCIE Featuring the NetApp A-Team


  This week on the podcast, several NetApp A-Team members were in RTP to help create the NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer, NCIE, exams that are used to help officially certify storage administrators for ONTAP. We rounded up Ruari McBride, Scott Gelb and Steven Cortez to discuss how a NetApp certification exam gets created and why you’d want to […]

Hackers Innovate with ONTAP Cloud on AWS at DevWeek Hackathon


NetApp was a featured sponsor once again for the DevWeek Hackathon, the signature kick-off event for the DeveloperWeek 2017 conference in San Francisco. As the nation’s largest challenge-driven hackathon, DevWeek provides sponsors the opportunity to post challenges for architects, developers and DevOps practitioners to develop solutions and compete for prizes. NetApp’s Hackathon Challenge built upon last […]

Q&A with NetApp CEO George Kurian


You’re coming up on two years as the CEO of NetApp, leading the team through major industry disruption and internal transformation. What lessons have you learned?   Transformation is an ongoing journey for any company. The global economy is changing rapidly, and customer priorities are evolving to keep pace. We’ve already seen that if organizations, […]

Soar into Science: Bangalore Campus Hosts Young Women in Technology


Inside a conference room at the NetApp Bangalore Campus, a group of young girls gathered recently to experiment with hands-on science and engineering projects. With a newfound confidence about doing well in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines despite their underprivileged backgrounds, their upbringing and gender no longer seemed like a hurdle to […]