NetApp® OnCommand® System Manager for clustered Data ONTAP® 8.3.1 RC1 is now available. If you’re not familiar with System Manager, you should know that it is designed for IT generalists who need simplified cluster management, an intuitive GUI, and best-practice workflows so that they can perform day-to-day tasks quickly and easily. System Manager lets you manage multiple classes of storage from the entire NetApp FAS line, including storage running FlexArray storage virtualization software. Don’t forget it’s a no cost product!


We bundled System Manager starting with clustered Data ONTAP 8.3, and now you may wonder, “What’s next?” We’re excited to announce that System Manager 8.3.1 offers several new features.


OnCommand Dashboard.jpgRedesigned Dashboard

  • Providing a single view summary of your cluster, making it easy for IT generalists to understand what’s going on in their NetApp storage system. The dashboard summary includes alerts and risks, objects nearing capacity, licensing and high-availability status, and a real-time performance view of storage virtual machines for straight-forward management. 

All Flash FAS (AFF) Support

  • System Manager now supports NetApp All Flash FAS personality with simplified creation and management for all SSD aggregates, and support for inline compression and all cache policies.

Simplified LUN creation for SAN optimized AFF

  • Now with just one screen instead of six.
  • Including NetApp best practices for Oracle and SQL.

Automated nondisruptive (Data ONTAP) upgrade

  • Providing an interface to upgrade NetApp Data ONTAP versions in just three steps. Once again, our goal is to keep management simple!

Network support completion

  • Supporting the creation and management of IP spaces, and letting you manually configure IP addresses for LIFs in all System Manager workflows. It also supports dynamic DNS, and SMB encryption.

NetApp customers can visit the NetApp Support Site for a complete list of features, enhancements, browser and OS versions supported. To learn more about System Manager, visit


Marie Burke