4 cables & 4 clicks: Is your cloud storage expansion this easy?

This is the second blog in a series that focuses on how the next-generation service provider is differentiating and growing in a highly competitive market. The first topic, written about next generation hosting, can be found here.

In a recent TechValidate survey, over 75% of service providers indicated that the concept of using a scale-out storage architecture was either very important or the most important consideration when designing a next generation data center.

These responses reflect two of the major challenges that service providers face when expanding their storage capabilities:

  • Balancing upfront hardware acquisition costs against revenue (e.g. the pain of over-provisioning)
  • Planned maintenance service interruptions to bring new infrastructure online (e.g. the pain of lost revenue/customer dissatisfaction)

Neither of these can be solved by traditional storage architectures.

NetApp SolidFire’s next generation clustered scale-out architecture is different and changes the game by resolving these problems — and doing so in the easiest, most intuitive way possible.

For example, adding a node to an existing storage cluster couldn’t be simpler:

  • Connect 4 cables — for data and administrative communications
  • Click your mouse 4 times in the SolidFire GUI to add a node to the cluster

… and that’s it!

No manual balancing of storage, no balancing of data, no need to take the cluster offline, no moving RAID groups, and no disruptive maintenance windows. It is all automatic and transparent to your customer — meaning no service interruptions, no upset customers, and no reductions in MRR.

And if that isn’t enough, the heterogeneous scale-out architecture allows you to mix and match the storage and performance capabilities of your system according to your needs which removes the pain of over-provisioning, more tightly aligning your inbound and outbound cash flows.

Is your storage architecture this easy?

… and if not, then why not?

To learn about how SolidFire’s scale-out architecture can enable your next generation data center, read our latest thought leadership white paper, “A Service Provider’s Perspective: Designing the Next Generation Data Center,” or contact your local NetApp representative to explain more.


Simon Wheeler

Simon is the Senior Product and Segment Marketing Manager at SolidFire where he helps service providers position, market, and generate demand for their NetApp SolidFire-based storage services. He has 25 years of product marketing and management experience in multiple industries.