Here at SolidFire, we get involved with the tech community in lots of ways, for a lot of reasons. We participate with application providers, like Oracle, MongoDB, and Citrix to help show customers how to deploy those workloads faster and smarter. We participate with platform providers like VMware, OpenStack, and CloudStack to help show administrators how much easier and faster things can be when pairing those environments with a SolidFire storage array. Most of the time the messaging is focused very much on “What we do” and “How we do it” in order to educate people on our value and features, particularly those who may be new to SolidFire.


Sometimes, however, we participate just because we love IT and the wonderful people who work hard at it every day. I’m excited to be participating in one of those kinds of events next week thanks to our good friends over at Spiceworks.


The Experts Round Table: Flash Mythbusters on March 25 is not a presentation about SolidFire. In fact, the participants have agreed that we’re not going to mention product names during the panel at all! This is about flash, the technology, where it’s going, how it’s being used, and how it can impact the everyday life of IT users. We know there’s a steep learning curve around new technologies like this, especially when it changes the math and metrics of how storage has been done before flash.


Next Wednesday at 12pm MT, come join me and my friends from Nimble, EMC, and Pure as we discuss the state of flash storage today, how it’s being leveraged in the industry, things to watch out for, and some visibility into the path forward. I promise it will be interesting and useful, and knowing the panelists, probably a fair bit amusing as well! No stuffy answers, no canned talking points, no product pitches, just four folks who live and breathe enterprise flash storage and an Internet full of SpiceHeads like you who get to ask any questions you want!


Sound fun? Sound interesting or useful? You should join us! Sign up here for the live flash panel and follow the chatter on #FlashMythbusters. In the meantime, if you have questions around flash, ping me on Twitter @jdooley_clt.

Jeramiah Dooley

Jeramiah is a Cloud Architect at SolidFire with a passion for positioning technology in general, and virtualization in particular, as a way to solve customer problems and generate revenue. He is a subject matter expert on service provider business practices, trusted multi-tenancy, VMware vCloud Technologies, and Cisco Unified Communications. When he isn't buried in something geeky, he's home with his wife and two kids trying to see how much trouble they can get into.