Time is running out to vote for the sessions you’re most interested in seeing at OpenStack Summit in Tokyo!

Heading to Tokyo for OpenStack Summit this October?


It was just announced that voting for OpenStack Tokyo breakout sessions is open now through Thursday, July 30, at midnight PT. Read on to learn more about the growing OpenStack Summit community, explore our sessions, and make sure to click on your favorites to cast your vote!


While it feels Vancouver was just yesterday, planning for the Tokyo summit in October is well underway. OpenStack Summits – just like OpenStack itself – have grown substantially and provide a great opportunity to engage with the community. From contributors participating in working sessions, to ecosystem members showcasing OpenStack-related products and services, to enterprise users, service providers, or application developers looking to dip their toe into OpenStack or expand their usage, there’s no shortage of valuable ways to connect during a summit.


Breakout sessions are one of the biggest opportunities to do just that.


OpenStack categorizes sessions into tracks, making it easy to plan your schedule and attend sessions tailored to myriad topics. To name a few:

  • Enterprise IT Strategies
  • How to Contribute
  • Planning Your OpenStack Cloud
  • Storage
  • Targeting Apps for OpenStack Clouds


You have through Thursday, July 30, at midnight PT to cast your vote. SolidFire has proposed a wide variety of sessions and panels for consideration in Tokyo, many featuring our technology and ecosystem partners. Check them out:


Live Migration Technical Deep Dive, Code Review and Cinder-Based Demo
Speakers: John Griffith (SolidFire) and Jeramiah Dooley (SolidFire)

Block Storage Replication with Cinder
Speakers: John Griffith (SolidFire) and Ed Balduf (SolidFire)

Object / Block / File … choosing the best storage for your workloads
Speakers: John Griffith (SolidFire) and John Dickinson (SwiftStack)

Delivering predictable storage performance at scale
Speaker: Aaron Delp (SolidFire)

Getting the most out of block storage with OpenStack Cinder
Speaker: Ed Balduf (SolidFire)

Persisting Data In Your Cloud with Cinder Block Storage
Speakers: Ken Hui (Platform9), Bich Le (Platform9), John Griffith (SolidFire)

A Conversation with Cinder Developers
Speakers: John Griffith (SolidFire), Mike Perez (Datera), Patrick East (Pure Storage), Jay Bryant (IBM), Jhiteng Huang (eBay), Xing Yang (EMC), Sean McGinnis (Dell)

Up Your Availability Game With Cinder Data Services!
Speakers: Shamail Tahir (EMC), Ken Hui (Platform9), John Griffith (SolidFire)

Ask the Experts: What is the future for OpenStack Storage?
Speakers: Greg Knieriemen (HDS), Manju Ramanathpura (HDS), Aaron Delp (SolidFire), Alex McDonald (NetApp), Neil Levine (Red Hat)

Planning Your OpenStack Cloud

Best use cases for OpenStack in the Enterprise
Speakers: Ken Hui (Platform9), Scott Sanchez (Cisco), Jeramiah Dooley (SolidFire)

Simplifying OpenStack: The True Value of the Easy Button
Speakers: Ken Hui (Platform9), Scott Sanchez (Cisco), Jeramiah Dooley (SolidFire)

Product, Tools & Services

Maximum Scale; Minimum Time: An Intro to VMware Integrated OpenStack and SolidFire
Speakers: Ed Balduf (SolidFire) and Santhosh Sundararaman (VMware)

Related OSS Projects

Enabling Persistence for Docker with OpenStack Cinder and Flocker
Speakers: Shamail Tahir (EMC), Ken Hui (Platform9), John Griffith (SolidFire)

Enterprise IT Strategies

The Stack and Beyond: Analysis Paralysis
Speakers: Niki Acosta (Cisco), Shamail Tahir (EMC), Andre Bearfield (IBM/Blue Box), Aaron Delp (SolidFire), James Haselmaier (EMC)

The OpenStack Orchestra: The next wave of OpenStack specialist startups
Speakers: Ken Rugg (Tesora), Joe Arnold (SwiftStack), Evan Powell (StackStorm), Pere Monclus (PLUMgrid), John Griffith (SolidFire)


While you’re waiting for October, you also can catch SolidFire at OpenStack Day Seattle August 20; OpenStack Trove Day August 25 in San Jose, Calif.; or OpenStack Silicon Valley August 26-27 in Mountain View, Calif.


Kelly Boeckman