By David LaBrosse. Strategic Partner Manager, NetApp Healthcare
For many healthcare organizations, the regulations governing the protection of patient data have discouraged investments in public cloud offerings. While some hospital leaders are concerned about losing control of their patient data in a cloud environment, more and more healthcare institutions are discovering the benefits of a ‘hybrid cloud’ approach. This flexible and scalable model helps reduce data management costs, improve disaster recovery services, and simplify compliance with security regulations and audits.

For example, one Nebraska-based healthcare institution created a disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) model to provide cost-effective disaster recovery services to dozens of clinics and community hospitals in the region. Healthcare organizations like these benefit from the hybrid cloud’s highly efficient ‘hub-spoke’ services framework, making an affordable disaster recovery solution for protecting and backing-up patient data well within reach of even smaller clinics.

Another healthcare organization in Tennessee used AltaVault, another NetApp hybrid cloud solution, to back up its medical images and related documents to a private, on-premise cloud. The customer was able to gain peace-of-mind knowing that with NetApp’s cost effective encryption technology their patient data was protected while in transit as it is backed-up, or at rest when it is stored in a long-term archive . Plus, the hospital was able to decreased its back-up time window from a day to only a few hours – and sometimes even less.  


NetApp’s hybrid cloud solutions also reduce the time and complexity of complying with HIPAA, HITECH, and other government regulations. The extra copies or snapshots of past and present data sets that can be easily and cost-effectively generated can be used to run security analytics from systems across the enterprise, whether it is stored in a local health clinic — or in a private cloud at a city hospital. Data can be moved safely and seamlessly across any storage environment – flash, to disk, to cloud – delivering life-saving clinical information when and where caregivers and their patients need it most.


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NetApp Staff