Earlier this week, SolidFire announced two brand new, game-changing all-flash storage nodes: The SF2405 and the SF4805. Another important additional announcement was an enhancement to SolidFire’s real-time replication offering with a storage replication adapter (SRA) for integration with Site Recovery Manager (SRM). (And by the way, this move marks SolidFire as one of the earliest to market with NATIVE integration as an SSA.)

Here, I’ll dive into that piece of news and explain more about how the SRA offers the ability not only to orchestrate disaster recovery solutions, but also to plan smooth migrations for site maintenance using SRM, but notably:

If you’ve got a virtualized mission-critical application running on VMware, chances are you’ve thought about disaster recovery. After all, if your site goes down for real, you get one chance to smoothly recover, with your company’s viability and your professional reputation on the line.

SolidFire’s support for SRM enables disaster recovery for virtualized applications.

SRM is a great tool for disaster recovery, and well worth the investment when the time comes that you actually need it. When disaster strikes, you need more than just a backup of your data. You need that backup to be easily available and you need to coordinate bringing that data back online in an order that makes sense for your data center.

At SolidFire, we know you’re not considering our high-performance, highly available storage cluster to run games. You’re running your mission-critical applications on SolidFire to take advantage of its scale-out architecture and incredibly fast rebuild times. You value the smooth, trouble-free enterprise service a SolidFire storage cluster offers, along with deep integration with vSphere.

That’s why it’s been so important to us to deliver a storage replication adapter to fully support SRM and disaster recovery.

SolidFire offers fantastic real-time replication, keeping your recovery point objective (RPO) very low. But more than that, we offer full integration with SRM so you can take advantage of this proven application to have the full disaster recovery solution.

“Solution” is the key word here. To use an analogy, if you were to fall overboard a ship and into the Atlantic Ocean, you would be happy to find a life preserver. It sure would help … but then what? You’re still in the water. A disaster recovery solution would be your helicopter with a ladder and a well-trained rescue team ready to pull you out and wrap you in a dry blanket.

With our SRA, you get full SRM functionality integrated with your SolidFire storage cluster, so you can plan a recovery sequence and then test it on a regular basis to make sure it actually works. You can also re-protect in the opposite direction and quickly fail back when ready. So when disaster strikes, it’s just another day at the office for your “rescue team.”

If your ability to restart your applications on another site becomes routine enough with SRM testing, you can also use your SolidFire SRA to migrate data temporarily from one storage cluster to another one offsite in order to do site maintenance.

The SolidFire SRA isn’t just a rescue team and an insurance policy, but a nearby marina for routine repairs.

Explore the SolidFire SRA, and see how it, partnered with our unmatched all-flash array performance and state-of-the-art support offerings, can protect your business in like none other. Get started today.

John Pelletier