IT First Adopters Join Forces: Customer-0 and Customer-1 Improve NetApp…


Many high-tech companies consider their own IT organization as the first and best customer for their products.  IT can quickly deploy, test, and provide feedback on new products in real production environments before the products are in general release.  This feedback is particularly critical in identifying and addressing issues and features that don’t rise to […]

Take Application-Consistent Backups of JFrog Artifactory with SnapCenter 2.0 on…


In order to truly adopt a continuous integration (CI) process developers are challenged with building easy and efficient tools to store, change, test and integrate code into the main code base. When addressed, developers can easily identify and fix bugs early in the development lifecycle improving code quality and time to market.   Luckily, developers […]

PopUpTechTalks: Sam Charrington


Welcome to PopUpTechTalks, the show by and for technologists. What’s on your mind these days? Tell us, and we’ll help share your inner tech voice with nifty & occasionally snarky little pop-up bubbles.   This time on PopUpTechTalks Sam Charrington explains how orchestration is transitioning from just a cottage industry in the Docker community with […]