Tech ONTAP Podcast Episode 97: ONTAP Analytics and Telemetry Service…


This week on the podcast, we’re talking ONTAP Analytics in the cloud and the new OATS product with a crew of performance folks including Greg Keller, Sr. Director, Performance Engineering, Matt Hambrick, Director of Performance Engineering, and Fred Peiffer, Performance Characterization Engineer/Architect. Find out how OATS is using existing performance data and machine learning to […]

Tech ONTAP Podcast Episode 89: NetApp HCI. Enterprise-Scale


This week on the podcast, we invite Derek Leslie and Gabriel Chapman for the big reveal of NetApp’s hyperconverged infrastructure solution! Come find out what hyperconverged means for NetApp and its customers, as well as how NetApp’s HCI solution ticks.     Each week, the Tech ONTAP Podcast discusses all-things NetApp, interviews subject-matter experts, and provides insights into the […]