The Next Generation Data Center Demands a Next Generation Storage Architecture


In today’s digital economy, markets and customer purchasing behaviors are changing. Today’s customers expect everything to be available online, anytime, anywhere, and from any type of device. In order to satisfy these expectations, enterprise IT departments have to react quickly to changing business needs while continuing to manage the mission-critical legacy workloads that “keep the […]

Why I Advocate for NetApp


Last year, I was invited to join the EMEA Chapter of the NetApp A-Team. Having never heard about it before, my first thought was that this was some gang of renegades that drove around in a black van with a red stripe on the side, saving the world. As it turns out, this is only […]

How We Reduced Server Build Time from Hours to Minutes by Automating Configuration Management


I came to NetApp in 2014, joining a wonderfully talented team of UNIX admins. The environment is quite large, consisting of roughly 3,000 servers. The charter given to the team was both simple and daunting: make the configuration landscape more consistent while, at the same time, make the management of said landscape easier.   The […]

DARZ Drives DevOps Success with NetApp


German IT services leader fuels customers’ digital transformation by enabling agile software development through its Docker & Container as a Service offering

neteffect Offers Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions with NetApp


NetApp converged infrastructure gives neteffect technologies the flexibility to blend on-premises and cloud services for customers